Welcome New AmeriCorps Members!

Andrew, Heather, Caitlin, & Dirk
From left to right: Andrew Gibson, Heather Gately, Caitlin O'Reilly, and Dirk Slagmolen.

Welcome to our four new AmeriCorps members who have started their ten months of service in Woburn.

Neighborhood Day is Here!

Neighborhood Day is this weekend, and projects are happening across Woburn on Saturday and Sunday the 15th and 16th. Below is a list of project titles and times; click on any project link for more information, or call SCI at 781-935-2244. And don’t forget also the Recycling Event to Benefit the Council of Social Concern Saturday from 9:00am-1:00pm, details below.

Saturday 9:00am - Cell phones for soldiers
Where: 3 The Great Road

Saturday 9:00am - Mt Misery 16th Annual Block Party
Where: 20 Arlington Street

Saturday 5:00pm - Fortunate Block Party
Where: 17 Fortune Road

Sunday 9:00am-1:00pm - Goodyear School Pride Day
Where: 41 Orange Street

Sunday 10:00am-12:00pm - South End Food Drive!!
Where: Ash St & Buck St Between Buck and Brooks

Board is Back

We're pleased to announce that the Bulletin Board is back up and running. Click here to post to the Board, and click here to view all Board entries so far.

The virtual community bulletin board is where you can post all kinds of information about things in Woburn.
Organizations and individuals can post announcements about community programs and activities, employment and volunteer opportunities, and training opportunities of all kinds. This bulletin board can be more than formal announcements—post about a yard sale, a favorite spot of yours in Woburn, or a good meal you had at a local restaurant. Selected postings are then published in SCI Woburn's Week in Woburn. Note events taking place on a specific date are best posted to the Community Calendar.

Elections This Tuesday

The City’s Preliminary Election is this coming Tuesday, September 18. The final Election will be Tuesday, November 6. SCI has launched an Elections Blog with a list of certified candidates; a link to where to vote; and links to relevant news stories on the elections from the local papers. All candidates are encouraged to register for the site, as in the coming weeks site users will be asked to submit their questions for the candidates online. Click here to visit the blog!  Please note that Ward 6 and 7 are the only Wards with primaries on Tuesday.

Arts & Culture: Are They an Item?

WGBH radio proclaims it is Boston's arts and culture station. SCI reports that during 2006-2007, it systematically queried the people of Woburn and learned that above all other realistic improvements they want more arts and cultural opportunities in the city. SCI subsequently received a grant to spur efforts to deliver them.

*UPDATE* Cockatiel is Found

Update from Rodney Flynn: To let you all
know..............the Bird is home safe.........thanks everyone


Tanner Tavern - local bistro plus

Whether you'd like to grab a good lunch, a light dinner, a hearty gourmet meal, or simply enjoy a beer or glass of wine with friendly folk, I'd highly recommend visitng the Tanner Tavern of Main Street (across from Cousins). Their wide menu has something good for everyone, and the local talk is there too for sports, politics, events, etc. They are a great addition to downtown Woburn, providing local fare with a local flair!

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