At the Jan. 24th meeting of the Advisory Committee meeting, a good deal of discussion focused on options for a possible playground to be located on the portion of the path between Conn and Fowle Streets. There was sentiment expressed at the meeting that having "tot lot" equipment for young children and items for older children in the same area would be good. The idea of a railroad theme for the playground, tying in with the overall project concept, was also discussed.

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Walt Kearney of the Woburn Historical Society presented an interesting idea at the most recent Bikeway/Greenway Committee meeting. Walt proposes to place real, out of use steam engine somewhere on the bikepath. Following this idea, more creative thoughts are coming in--including a tot lot, dog park and more. The Woburn Loop Advisory Committee needs your ideas about the features that will make the Bikeway/Greenway an enjoyable place for Woburn residents.

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During the November meeting of the Woburn Loop Bikeway/Greenway Advisory Committee, we reviewed the section of the path between Cross and Conn St. in more detail. We also heard about a creative proposal for placing an old steam engine somewhere on the path! At our next meeting, we will focus on the path between Conn St. and Fowle Street. We will also keep the creative ideas coming, as we take up the possibility of placing a tot lot or other features people want to see on the Bikeway/Greenway. Join us next Wednesday, January 24! We will meet at 7 p.m. at the Irish American Club, 147 Main St.