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This past Friday, July 20, The Love Dogs performed at Horn Pond as part of the Horn Pond Summer Concert Series.  They played to a multigenerational crowd of about 300 people who enjoyed the music, the cooler temperature, and watching the swing dancers.  Studio 665 Dance Studio provided two dance instructors who taught different swing dance steps to interested participants.  Everyone in attendance had a great time.  Many thanks go out to the band for their wonderful performance, and to Bill Sullivan, financial advisor for Edward Jones Financial, for sponsoring this concert. 
The next concert in the Horn Pond Summer Concert Series will take place on Friday, August 10, from 6-8pm.  The featured band will be the Pan Loco Steel Band, a calypso band based out of Boston.  

Fruit Tree

Thanks to your support, Woburn has received a free orchard courtesy of Edy’s Fruit Bars! 

Come join in the festivities as we celebrate this new addition to Spence Farm and plant the fruit trees at this groundbreaking party on Friday, August 3, starting at 9 a.m.

If you are planning on coming to help, please join the "Edy's Fruit Tree Grant Planting Party" Facebook Event page on the Friends of Spence Farm Facebook page or by sending an email to Vince Grillo at

The Brian Maes Band performing at Ice House Park

This past Friday, July 13, the Brian Maes Band performed at Horn Pond as part of the Horn Pond Summer Concert Series.  They played a number of songs from their newest CD “Collateral Damage” to a very spread out crowd of approximately 300 people who enjoyed the cooling and constant breeze off of Horn Pond.  In addition, they played music from bands they have toured and recorded with such as The J. Geils Band, Pat Benatar, and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band

MaryBeth Maes, Brian Mae’s wife, drew from her Woburn roots to help ensure a solid audience.  MaryBeth and Brian’s daughter, Madeline, sang a song she recently wrote, proving musical talent runs deep in the Maes family.  The crowd was well entertained by the great concert put on by the Brian Maes Band.  Many thanks go out to the band for their wonderful performance, and to Michael de la Maza for sponsoring this concert.  

The Love Dogs

The Horn Pond Summer Concert Series will continue this Friday, July 20, with The Love Dogs, a local swing band, sponsored by Bill Sullivan, Financial Advisor for Edward Jones The concert will take place from 7 to 9 pm at Horn Pond, along the flat grassy area of Sturgis Street, otherwise known as Ice House Park.

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Davis Bates and Roger Tincknell

Parents’ Choice Award winning performers Davis Bates and Roger Tincknell will perform “Imagine That: Celebrating Reading in Story and Song.” The program will involve the audience in a variety of cultural traditions. 

Hear how stars came to be in the sky, how the bear missed the rain, sing a dancing wooden dog to sleep, and be prepared to sing, move and dance.  The songs and stories are accompanied by the Aztec rain stick, Inca flute, Russian balalaika, African drum, as well as guitar, mandolin, and the North American banjo.  There will even be a short lesson in how to play the spoons.

The performance will take place at the Woburn Public Library on Thursday, July 19, 2012 starting at 10:30 am.   Be sure to be on time—you won’t want to miss this wonderful family oriented entertainment event.  This performance is funded by a grant from the Woburn Cultural Council.

Woburn Public Library

Kidstock! Creative Theater Education Center will bring their audience interactive show MAX & SUZY to The Woburn Public Library Study Hall on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 2:30 p.m.  This show is appropriate for ages 3 and up.

Max & Suzy are best friends who love theater, and they celebrate the summer with a show that combines a favorite book each of them insists must become a play.  Their comical conflict always results in a creative compromise as these two young playwrights learn to “play right” and involve the audience as additional cast members in the drama-filled fun of their staged “mergers.”

In The Velveteen Robot, Suzy replaces the familiar favorite stuffed animal with an old fashioned mechanical toy who, much to Max’s chagrin, is convinced by the other toys in the toy box to abandon him.  Not until his stuffed toys begin to come to life does Max appreciate the Robot Toy for the value it truly holds.

Head over to the North Suburban YMCA tonight for a Wisdom and Wellness for Women Seminar. 

Starting at 7pm, there will be discussions on healthy eating on a budget, success secrets, and mind spa.  Bring your kids-- they can play in childwatch!  No YMCA membership needed. 

For more information call the Y at 781-935-3270.