Food drive

food drive

Cummings Properties will be hosting a food drive until March 31st to benefit food pantries in the Woburn area. This food drive is presented by Wine Bunker Outlet.

To donate your canned goods, simply go to 16A Cummings Park to drop them off. If you donate more than three cans, you will receive a $2 lottery ticket for FREE!nike air max 2019 Classic

cans of food

Canned Food Drive at Cummings Park

Wed, 01/09/2013 - 9:00am

Cummings Properties will be hosting a canned food drive to benefit Woburn area pantries from now until March 31st. This food drive is presented by Wine Bunker Outlet

Donate three or more cans, and receive a $2 lottery ticket for FREE!

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YMCA logo

Do you like to save money? Do you like to support causes such as fighting hunger and supporting healthy living? The North Suburban YMCA is providing you with a way to do both. They are participating in the Get Fit, Give Back campaign. If you join the YMCA by November 18th and donate 5 non-perishable food items, the Y will waive your joiner fee, saving you up to $50!

The North Suburban YMCA has teamed up with BostonCANshare, which is a food drive sponsored by Mayor Menino and the Greater Boston Food Bank. By joining the Y, you will be helping yourself become more healthy and active, while also helping someone in your community with your food donation.

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Letter Carrier Food Drive for the Pantry!

Sat, 11/03/2012 (All day)

Help the Council of Social Concern keep their food pantry stocked for families in need!

Saturday, November 3, put out your non-perishable food donations (within date and preferably not in glass jars) before your mail is delievered. Your letter carrier will collect your donations and bring them to our food pantry. 

food drive

Once again, the Council of Social Concern is participating in the annual Letter Carrier Food Drive to help keep the shelves stocked at the Pantry. Your genorisity on Saturday, November 3 can truly make a difference for the numerous families in our community who are in need every day. 

Letter from Karen Colatrella:

Since the recession began, Council of Social Concern’s Food Pantry has seen a dramatic increase in the number of households we are serving, and the situation shows no signs of improving.  As a result, we are going through food at an alarming rate, and keeping our shelves stocked for our “neighbors in need” is a real challenge.

Once again, the Letter Carriers of the Woburn Post Office are coming to the rescue.  Although they have suffered their own cutbacks and are facing an uncertain future, these dedicated men and women are still conducting their annual Henry Shaughnessy Memorial Holiday Food Drive to benefit our Food Pantry.  Henry wore the uniform of a U. S. Postal worker for 50 years and was an inspiration to his fellow Letter Carriers in the way he performed his job with pride, commitment and compassion for the residents on his route. 

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the Postal Food Drives to our community – the National one held in the spring and this additional one that Woburn conducts in the fall.  These food drives make it possible for us to keep our shelves stocked for the local children, elderly, disabled, physically and mentally impaired, unemployed, underemployed and despairing that rely on us being here to help.

photo of can donations

The Woburn food pantry is running low on almost everything and they need your help! RE/MAX Legacy is doing their part by hosting a yard sale and food drive at their office on 65 Pleasant Street in Woburn on Saturday, September 29 (8am-12pm) with all proceeds going towards the purchasing of food to stock the pantry. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please come to the yard sale and purchase some items. You can also help by donating items to sell at the yard sale. RE/MAX Legacy will send someone to pick up the items from your residence if you are unable to drop them off. Donations of food to the pantry would also be appreciated, especially baked beans, soup, instant mashed potatoes, juice and dessert mixes. For drop off information or to request a pick up of donated items, contact Anthony Giglio, (781) 789-3940,

picture of yard sale and food drive sign

Yard Sale and Food Drive Benefit for Pantry

Sat, 09/29/2012 - 8:00am

RE/MAX Legacy is hosting a yard sale and food drive at their office on Pleasant Street to benefit the Woburn food pantry. All proceeds from the yard sale will go towards purchasing food stock for the pantry. 

How you can help:
Donate inventory to sell at the yard sale. 
Buy stuff at the yard sale on September 29.
Donate food to the pantry. Items that are especially needed include baked beans, soup, instant mashed potatoes, juice and dessert mixes.