Memorial Day Weekend

Seal of Captain Edward Johnson

This year's Memorial Day Ceremony will begin on Monday, May 29 at the First Burial Ground on Park Street at 8am. There will first be a Call to Order led by Mayor Scott Galvin, Cemetery Commission Chair John Sawyer and Woburn Historical Society co-founder Kathy Lucero, followed by a re-dedication ceremony starting at 8:15am.

Mayor Galvin invites all citizens to join the city for this special dedication, honoring the memory of U.S. soldiers who have fought and died while in military service. 

On Thursday, May 22 the Woburn Senior Center will host a Veterans' Recognition. This event will take place at the Woburn Senior Center located at 144 School Street beginning at 12:30 pm. Join the Woburn Senior Center for the afternoon to recognize the veterans who have protected our country.

On Friday, May 23 volunteers will be needed to help prepare the Calvary Cemetery for the parade on Monday. Volunteers will help place flags on the graves with George A. Campbell American Legion Post 101. If you are interested in volunteering meet at the Calvary Cemetery located at 686 Washington Street at 10 am.

On Monday, May 26 the City of Woburn will host a Memorial Day parade. The parade will begin at 8:30 am. The parade route will begin at the Woburn Common, proceeds to Woodbrook Cemetery – Soldier’s Lot Common, then to the flag pole at Calvary Cemetery, and finishing at the Cross at Calvary Cemetery.  

Horn Pond

On Sunday, May 25 the Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk will take place at 7:00 pm. Those wishing to participate in the walk should meet at the Pump House Parking area on Lake Avenue. This is the 9th annual Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk. Lanterns will light the way at the annual walk. Join fellow community members to remember the lives of friends, classmates, and family who have passed on, as you carry lanterns around Horn Pond.