CSA can also mean Community Supported Arts

In 1986, under the title Of Liberty and Community, syndicated commentator Ellen Goodman observed that “For many of us, liberty isn't just the freedom from repressive authority, but from any authority. Independence isn't a declaration, but a centrifugal force. We often choose isolation, even loneliness...”. That is even more evident now.

The SCI initiative Woburn Arts and Culture Today represents a striving in the opposite direction. It is here and now, a non-commercial and non-competitive alternative to the usual from another place, from another time, for your consumption. It promises to enrich us by expanding access to physical space dedicated to, and assorted capabilities for, our own expressions and celebrations of who and what we are in this place, at this time. This is a valuable consciousness and practice to have and develop!

It's valuable because for fifty years, at least, we have been submerged in a mass culture developed on a foundation of cheap fossil fuels that began to make a difference in people's lives considerably earlier. Everyone living has been the target of mass production and communications, many for their entire lives. As such, we've been reduced and divided, in a comfortable way, even though our proximity to one another suggests (and means) we can get and reward each other's attention, and share in the making of lives that make sense to us. Woburn Arts and Culture Today is no less than a chance to emerge, surface and renew dynamic connections that form and sustain community. It's an improvement today, in its own right, but also lays the foundation for patterns appropriate for an era of fuel uncertainties.

Please come out on the coffeehouse evenings (two per month, from now on), and while there meet someone new and give some thought to becoming an occasional performer. Others will be very happy to support and applaud you.