Earth Day Walk by the Pond

I didn't realize it was Earth Day when I set out for a walk around nearby Horn Pond.  I'm simply looking to get back into the swing of a regular exercise routine now that temperate weather is upon us here.  But soaking in this early spring morning certainly wound up being a compelling way to start Earth Day 2009.

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but my camera was left behind on this walk.  So I will use a few words to try to share some of the pictures and sounds of my walk.

I set out across the wooden bridge to the pond.  The morning air is warm and dense.  The brook gurgles quickly over the rocks, swelled by last night's heavy rainfall.  I'm greeted by a cacophony of peeper frogs who seem to be my only companions at this hour too early for the birds.

The still glass waters of the pond mirror a few lights amidst the dark trees on the other side of the pond.  A single morning star hangs by the setting thumbnail sliver of the moon.  The is just enough of the hint of sunrise to light my path.

I turn in Lions Park, where a low fog hangs over the gently curved grass.  The sky is starting to brighten as I begin making my way home.  I know have a few more companions, as the birds begin adding their song to the frogs'.  A pair of swans gracefully glide across the still water, interrupted by a fish leaping for its breakfast.

Earth Day may be primarily intended for activism, for encouraging the collective action we need to protect the planet we all call home.  But perhaps a solitary walk in a special place, nourishing our connection to the Earth, is also a fitting way to celebrate the day.


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