Fall Clean-Up for Veterans Day

Fall Clean-Up image

As part of SCI's Woburn Volunteers for Seniors program, we are holding a fall clean-up day this Friday, November 11 in honor of Veterans day. The clean-up will begin at 2 pm at the Woburn Senior Center. After running through some logistics and gathering tools, the volunteers will split up into groups to head out to the different neighborhoods where we have flagged seniors in need of yard work. 

We have already gathered the forces of such groups as the high school's Spreading Sunshine and St. Vincent dePaul's Junior Society, but we are always looking for more help! If you're interested in coming out on Friday afternoon to do some light yard work and help our Woburn seniors in honor of Veterans day, please contact mobrien@socialcapital.org.

This will hopefully be the first clean-up event in a number of others for the upcoming winter months. We will be starting with raking and other light yard work and moving into shoveling once the snow starts to fall. All tools will be provided through SCI, but feel free to bring along others as we might have a larger number of volunteers at times.