Food Pantry in Need of Donations!

photo of can donations

The Woburn food pantry is running low on almost everything and they need your help! RE/MAX Legacy is doing their part by hosting a yard sale and food drive at their office on 65 Pleasant Street in Woburn on Saturday, September 29 (8am-12pm) with all proceeds going towards the purchasing of food to stock the pantry. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please come to the yard sale and purchase some items. You can also help by donating items to sell at the yard sale. RE/MAX Legacy will send someone to pick up the items from your residence if you are unable to drop them off. Donations of food to the pantry would also be appreciated, especially baked beans, soup, instant mashed potatoes, juice and dessert mixes. For drop off information or to request a pick up of donated items, contact Anthony Giglio, (781) 789-3940,

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