Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk

Horn Pond

On Sunday, May 25 the Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk will take place at 7:00 pm. Those wishing to participate in the walk should meet at the Pump House Parking area on Lake Avenue. This is the 9th annual Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk. Lanterns will light the way at the annual walk. Join fellow community members to remember the lives of friends, classmates, and family who have passed on, as you carry lanterns around Horn Pond.

“Soul Lanterns” can be constructed by cutting the top off and decorating an empty 2 liter soda bottle, fashioning a handle and inserting a candle. There will be some lanterns available for a donation the night of the event. All proceeds will go to the Friends of Mary Cummings Park, a nonprofit group working to protect our local vast parkland.nike air max 1 amazon