How do I: Horn Pond Cleanliness

This week, SCI received a letter from an anonymous Woburn resident about environmental conditions as the snow melts. After spending hours cleaning off the bottoms of our shoes from a recent trip to Horn Pond, we cleaned up the language a bit and have decided to share it.


“Dear Woburn friends,

As the snow melts and the sun shines as bright as it can, many Woburnites have taken to our beautiful Horn Pond as an early respite from this long winter. Picture this: We walk along our stunning path, communing with nature, singing Kumbaya, drinking purified spring water, celebrating one of Woburn’s natural greenspaces, whatever floats our boats. Suddenly, a malodorous wave of dog feces rises from the recently cleared pavement. We then have to use fancy footwork to avoid landmines - a veritable day-ruiner!

Okay, that might be a bit extreme. But every spring, it feels like we have this same problem. Our loveable dogs leave their business on the snow in winter, we forget about it, the snow then melts and suddenly we have a big reminder.

Woburn loves Horn Pond! It is a gift and an asset to our community, and there are days spent cleaning up and preserving the path. There are even organizations dedicated to increase accessibility of our pond to other local communities. We should take deep pride in our pond and make sure it’s kept clean.

Beyond keeping Horn Pond pristine, there are bigger consequences to not cleaning up after our dogs. We’ve all read about about different diseases and effects of excess animal feces leaking into the water table, all sounding dire (worms) and catastrophic (E. coli). While we trust the purification systems in place for our drinking water, why add an unnecessary burden?“