Lion's Club Plans Eyeglass Collection From Woburn's Schools

Did you ever want to be part of something that would help people around the world?

Do you like to recycle? Do you want to clean your cabinets and drawers out? Then donate your used eyeglasses. Dig out those old eyeglasses your family has so they can be sent to countries around the world to help less fortunate people see. The goal of the Lions is to end blindness around the world. You can help them by donating your used eyeglasses.

The Woburn Host Lions Club is having an eyeglass collection contest throughout the schools and the Woburn school with the highest average collected per student, will win a prize that will help that school out. (You get to choose what’s best for your school) How easy is that to do? How great is this prize?

The contest starts Jan. 15 and runs until March 31st. The winning school will be announced in April. Give it your best shot and help the world while you’re doing it. Remember, even if your school doesn’t win, you all can feel good that you did your part in ending blindness around the world. 

To find the school to drop the glasses at or to have the glasses picked up, contact:
Chris Kisiel at (781) 933-1432 or e-mail

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