Part-time Position Available at SCI

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SCI Social Capital Inc. is currently seeking a part-time volunteer coordinator to assist with our Woburn Volunteers for Seniors Program, in collaboration with the Woburn Council on Aging. In this program, volunteers will be matched with local seniors to assist with fall/winter outdoor chores such as leaf raking/disposal and snow shoveling. This assisting can be life-saving in the instance of extreme snowfall!

The position would entail recruiting volunteers from Woburn and neighboring communities and matching these volunteers with isolated seniors in Woburn. The Woburn Council on Aging will identify seniors needing assistance and refer them to the volunteer coordinator for matching.

The position will run from September-December and be compensated with a monthly stipend of $225. Though the exact hours will vary based on the time of year and severity of weather, it will require an average of about 5 hours/wk of work. This is great opportunity for a stay-at-home parent or part-time student, as it can be completed remotely.

Please send a cover letter and resume to Jordan Caress-Wheelwright at if you would like to apply. This position will make a huge difference in the lives of local seniors!