SCI is looking for volunteers!


SCI is currently seeking volunteers of all ages to help local Woburn seniors in the upcoming fall and winter seasons. The project intends to match isolated and handicapped seniors with local volunteers to assist them with outdoor chore activities, such as snow shoveling and leaf removal. By collaborating with the Woburn Senior Center and the Woburn Council on Aging, SCI hopes to engage community members to aid and support their local senior citizens!

As the winter season quickly approaches, SCI will be working with the Woburn Senior Center to implement this program again. We are looking for volunteers of all ages who would be interested in helping! This is a great way to get involved in the community, meet local seniors, and also earn Y.E.S. hours! If you're interested in participating, or have any further questions, please contact

The inspiration for this project came during the now-infamous winter of 2014-2015, when the state of Massachusetts received record snow accumulation. During this time, it came to the attention of SCI President David Crowley that there were a number of senior citizens in the community who were left trapped in their homes and unable to clear the accumulating snow outside. Crowley and his team quickly mobilized a group of local volunteers to provide emergency assistance to over a dozen seniors in the area.