Seeking WorldFest 2017 Steering Committee members!

WorldFest event in Woburn

SCI, in parternship with the YMCA International Learning Center (ILC), is seeking members for the WorldFest 2017 Steering Committee. WorldFest is an annual, multi-cultural festival held each spring in Woburn, MA, to celebrate cultural diversity and solidarity. Members of the committee work in tandem with SCI and the ILC to plan and implement outreach for the event. 

Members of surrounding communities are encouraged to participate in the event! If you are interested in joining the Steering Committee, please email

As a Steering Committee member, your major responsibilities will be to attend each monthly steering committee meeting, as well as spend 7-10 hours per month in the role - this is through a combination of the meetings, plus outreach and logistical planning. We ask that members have the ability to work on a team, availability for the monthly evening meetings, respect and open-mindedness for different cultures, and a commitment to celebrating Woburn's diversity! Contacts with potential vendors or sponsors is helpful and past event planning experience is a plus.