WorldFest 2015 Online Application and Online Payment Option for Vendors

We mentioned a while back that SCI and the YMCA Int'l Learning Center are looking for vendors and performers for our WorldFest 2015. This event displays many cultures through food, dance, music, arts and crafts, children's activities and whatever else you can think of, all on our beautiful Woburn Public Library Lawn! The whole world will be in your backyard on May 17, 2015 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. We're growing a great number of participants, but we've heard that it's a small world after all, so let's make it bigger!

Our deadline for participants is coming up on March 27, so we've expanded on our traditional paper application (attached for your convenience,) by creating an online application and an online payment option (check under "Communities.) This makes it easier for vendors to pay the nominal rental fee for having a table visited by hundreds of WorldFest spectators!

This has been a great opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations to share a interesting part of their culture. Whether it's through selling jewelry, creating origami, or entrancing with flamenco, many people have brought world culture to Woburn

Performing at WorldFest is a slightly different story, as we thank our talented acts by offering the in-kind donation of a free table at WorldFest! That's a win for everyone!

If you have a business or organization that doesn't have an immediate connection to a world culture, but is interested in leading a children's activity, please contact Brian at for ideas how how you can be involved in this great festival. 

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