Addiction Recovery Services

Middlesex Recovery, a place for treatment, connection, and healing. The program is available to anyone struggling with opioid or alcohol addiction. They offer ongoing medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone© and Vivitrol©. Their mission is to help each patient sustain a productive lifestyle, free from the harmful overuse of alcohol and addictive opiates.

In addition to medication assisted treatment, they offer psychosocial support for our patients. This includes recovery assessments, one-on-one counseling, and group sessions. They practice consistency, seeking to offer the best possible care for each recovering patient.

Organization Name: 
Location Field: 
20 Tower Office Park
01801 Woburn , MA
Mailing Address (if different): 
20 Tower Office Park

Accepts Mass Health.

Community Meeting Space Available: 
Organization Description: 
  • Complete Management Programs
  • Urine Toxicology Testing
  • Support & Counseling
  • Assessment & Referrals