11th Annual Telethon in Memory of Donald Manzelli

Council of Social Concern is holding their 11th Annual Telethon in memory of Donald Manzelli this Sunday, January 26 from 12:00 until 3:00 PM.  Donald was a huge proponant for many charities including The North Suburban YMCA, The Woburn Public Library, and Council of Social Concern.  In his honor, Social Concern holds this annual telethon to benefit families in need in our community.  

This year's hosts include Tyler Gates, Richard Mucci, Jim Major and Vinnie Ferlisi.  The telethon will take place at Woburn Public Media Center at 88 Montvale Avenue in Woburn.  The public is invited to call in pledges or come by to join in on the event.  Your support of the agency will be a tremendous help to continue quality services are offered in Woburn.

You can watch the telethon on local these local cable stations: Winchester Comcast-8, Verizon-36, Woburn Comcast-22, Verizon-45 and RCN-15.

To call in a pledge dial 781-995-4178.  For more information or to pledge online visit their website www.socialconcern.org and click the donate now button.