SERV SCI Engaging Resident Volunteers

Just a few days into this pandemic SCI set up the FB group SERV (SCI Engaging Resident Volunteers).  Through this group so many great efforts have taken place!  From mask making to food shopping and delivering Easter dinners the people of Woburn have really stepped up for each other!

Various women in the community were able to connect to begin collaborating on mask making, eventually calling themselves Masks for Tanners.  There are many generous people making masks right now.  Masks for Tanners alone has created and delivered hundreds of free masks to hospitals, first responders, senior citizens through the senior center, local nursing homes and more.  

As the economy has slowed to a halt more and more people are finding that they need to turn to the Food Pantry at Social Concern.  Need is up more than 40% at the Food Pantry.  Through SERV volunteers have shown up to pick up and deliver emergency boxes of food from the pantry to the families in need.  Volunteers have gone grocery shopping for people with health concerns to save them the trip.  People have donated gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores and delivered these straight to the people who need them.   Easter weekend volunteers from SERV cooperated with St Anthony's Parish in Woburn to deliver over 30 meals to seniors.

Volunteers through SERV have delivered Chromebooks to school kids, cleaned up litter from their neighborhoods, called to check on isolated seniors and much more!  As new needs are arising every day SERV is expected to grow and become even more relevant in our community.  Everyonoe is encouraged to join the group on Facebook and spread the word to help become an even stronger network.  

Join SERV at this link! 

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