The mission of SCI Woburn is to strengthen the community by connecting diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives. The SCI Woburn website serves as a community resource connecting residents to volunteer opportunities, community events and resources.

Language Volunteers

There is a great opportunity for people with language skills to help people in need during this time of crisis!

Role: Volunteer translators
Task: Translate important materials such as program fliers into other languages.
Skills needed: Ability to translate materials from English into one or more of the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole Frequency: Available to translate 1 or 2 items per month

From the onset of the closure of schools in Woburn the district has been working hard to provide food to those in need.  As the public health crisis is an ongoing and rapidly evolving situation there have been necessary changes made to the food assistance program along the way.  

The YMCA of Greater Boston branches and centers will be open for Emergency Care on a drop in basis, in accordance with state guidelines. They will be serving infants, toddlers, preschoolers and

CIty of Woburn seal

In times of crisis and uncertainty there is a silver lining to be found.  Often, people are awakened to the importance of cooperation and connectivity.

At SCI, we had begun recruiting volunteers interested in helping seniors and others in need of assistance during this time. To that end, we created a Facebook group, Woburn SERV (SCI Engaging Resident Volunteers). We encourage you to join!

SCI Woburn in cooperation with the YLC,  The Woburn Public Library and The James L.

SCI AmeriCorps Members Loading Recyclables.

Medeiros Crew Recycling will once again be holding appliance, Freon, CRT and electronics recycling drives. The next recycling event is Saturday, December 21st from 9 to 1 at the Spence Farm property located at 41 Wyman Street in Woburn. 

The Pot of Gold raffle distributes $25,000 in prizes each year. The raffle supports the Jamie McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn. Your contribution supports thousands of youth who know our Club as their second home and the place where “Greatness has a voice!”

Tickets cost $100 each and can be split among family & friends.  They also make great gifts!