The mission of SCI Woburn is to strengthen the community by connecting diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives. The SCI Woburn website serves as a community resource connecting residents to volunteer opportunities, community events and resources.


The first ever Massachusetts Civic Engagement Summit was held last Friday. Social Capital Inc., a member of the planning committee, helped to make the Civic Engagement Summit a great success! A team of ten SCI staff and volunteers traveled to Worcester for this important event. Along with David Crowley and Crystal Johnson, SCI Woburn members Mike Sances, David Eggleton, Andrew Gibson, and Caitlin O'Reilly also attended.


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Hey Woburn,
Thank you for hosting me and showing me a great time...Big up to David, Andrew, Heather, Amanda, and all of the SCI Woburn Staff,,,,,and of course my homie, Crystal...
You were able to create a sucessful tour for me and together we Blacked Out the entire area...
The message of Creative Civic Engagement fit right in with the overall mission of SCI...and that made our time together even more effective...
I visited several places including the day and evening School in Roxbury, and everywhere i went the people were well prepared to hear my message of community empowerment and I believe that 2008 holds great things for SCI and all of their community partners.
Once again it was a real honor for me to share the last few days with ya'll up here in the BEAN Area and I look forward to continuing to work together in the future...good tings a gwuan....
thanks again

City Clerk Bill Campbell is known to be a good prognosticator in terms of predicting voter turnout, and he estimates about 32% will vote today. It's drizzly, the Mayoral race is not contested, and local elections haven't gotten quite as much coverage as the triumphs of our local sporting teams. So if anything, one might think Bill's estimate is on the high side. But here's to hoping that more than 1/3 of us will exercise our basic right to vote today.

At first I planned to voting after work. But we were up early today, having not quite adjusted to the time change fully in our house, and I thought it would be fun to take my two year old to the polls with me on the way to daycare. It was a great excuse to expose him to two important things--voting and school! I did try to explain voting to him a bit, though he was more interested in watching kids eat their breakfast in the school gym/cafeteria. Nonetheless, I hope this early exposure to the process will remain with him some rainy election day when he's older, and he'll make the effort to take an extra 15 minutes to participate in our democracy.

Sure, there are reasons not to vote. But today as I walked past candidates standing in the rain, I was reminded of the hard work and risk they take to participate as candidates. I was reminded of those that have served our country--be it in the military or the civil rights movement--to ensure that we all have the right to vote. Fifteen minutes on a rainy day is not much of a sacrifice by comparison.

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Rev. Dr. Neal E. Pearson, Pastor
St. John’s Baptist Church
38 Everett Street, Woburn, MA

Rev. Dr. Neal Pearson was installed as the new Pastor of St. John’s Baptist Church in Woburn on Sunday, October 21, 2007. Reverend Pearson was ordained a Deacon at 26 years old at the Friendship Baptist Church of Warren, Ohio. He graduated from Kent State University in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering Technology and moved to Massachusetts to work for Digital Equipment Corporation in 1983.


George Martinez
Please join SCI in welcoming George Martinez to Woburn.


George Martinez, hip-hop artist and US cultural envoy to Bolivia, will be in the New England area from November 6 - November 10 as a guest of SCI. He will be conducting workshops and lectures at our three SCI locations, in Woburn, Lynn and Dorchester. George will bring his unique and extraordinary insight regarding issues of civic engagement, community activism, and social justice to Woburn. As president and founder of the Hip-Hop Association, George has successfully blended artistic expressions of Hip-Hop Culture and the call for activism into an innovative and inspiring presentation.

This article is about a previous years' parade.  For information about 2009's parade please click here.


The 53rd Annual Woburn Host Lions Club Halloween Parade steps off at 1 p.m. sharp this Sunday, October 28, 2007. This event draws in excess of 80,000 people a year, hosting over 25 bands such as the University of New Hampshire, Mass Maritime, Waltham American Legion and many New England High Schools and local community bands. This is a charity event with all of the proceeds benefiting Lions eye research.

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YMCAThe North Suburban YMCA is looking for dedicated, hardworking volunteers! We have many areas around the facility that are in need of volunteers including the daycare center (Childwatch), preschool class instructors, preschool and youth sports coaches, birthday party coordinators and so much more. If you are interested please call (781) 935-3270 and ask for extension 209. Or, you can stop by the YMCA in Woburn, located on lexington street to pick up an application!