“Laugh Out Loud” Comedy, Dinner, and Dancing – Friday, September 28

Who says you have to brave Boston traffic for an exciting night out? Join us at the luxurious Montvale Plaza in Stoneham for dinner, dancing, and the legendary comedy of Massachusetts native, Tony V. On Friday, September 28th, from 6 – 10pm, you can enjoy the comedy of Showtime’s “funniest person in Massachusetts,” then get up and move your feet to the classic-rock stylings of local band Strictly Overtime. One hundred percent of Laugh Out Loud’s ticket sales benefit NuPath Inc., a community provider of job-training and educational services for people with cognitive disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and acquired brain injury.


The Food Pantry Needs Our Help

The Council of Social Concern

Despite reports of our improving economy, we do not see evidence of that at the Council of Social Concern Food Pantry.  In fact, the number of households served in the fiscal year just ended surpassed the previous year by 10%.
Summer poses a special challenge for many of the families who rely on our Food Pantry to help them make ends meet.  Children who receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch in school are now home for three meals a day.  This places an additional financial burden on those who are already struggling to put food on the table.

Pack a Waste Free Lunch

Pack a Waste Free Lunch

August is here and that means getting ready for Back to School. As you and yours student are making the necessary preparations consider ways to make less of an impact on the environment with a Waste Free Lunch. Even if you aren't going Back to School, all adults can make a difference with a Waste Free Lunch. Here are some helpful and easy tips to make small, but effective changes.

  • Use reusable containers such as lunchboxes, water bottles, and reusable snack pouches.
  • Pack cloth napkins and silverware that can be washed later.
  • Hang on to those take out containers and reuse to store and transport food.
  • Try and pack only what you will eat or save unfinished food for later instead of throwing it away.
  • Try and compost food scraps
  • Remember to recycle as much of your lunch waste as you can
  • Try to buy in bulk so that you don't have individual containers/bags that get thrown away

Pan Loco Steel Drum Band Comes to the Horn Pond Concert Series on Saturday, August 25

Relax at Horn Pond with a free concert, sponsored by Reading Cooperative Bank. On Saturday, August 25 from 6 - 8pm (new time, weather permitting), the sounds of Pan Loco Steel Drum Band and their smooth rhythms and melodies of the Caribbean will have you feeling as if you are on an island! Pan Loco Steel Band has been bringing the sweet sounds of the Caribbean to New England since 1991.

The talented musicians in Pan Loco hail from Berklee College and the University of New Hampshire, and have been performing all types of music in the New England area for many years. The repertoire is authentic and appropriate for all ages. You won’t hear top 40 songs or elevator music. Pan Loco will bring calypso, reggae and island music from the Caribbean direct to your doorstep. When you hear this music, you’ll feel like you’re on a slow boat to Saint Thomas -- It’s the real thing!

Swingin' Concert on Friday!

This past Friday, July 20, The Love Dogs performed at Horn Pond as part of the Horn Pond Summer Concert Series.  They played to a multigenerational crowd of about 300 people who enjoyed the music, the cooler temperature, and watching the swing dancers.  Studio 665 Dance Studio provided two dance instructors who taught different swing dance steps to interested participants.  Everyone in attendance had a great time.  Many thanks go out to the band for their wonderful performance, and to Bill Sullivan, financial advisor for Edward Jones Financial, for sponsoring this concert. 
The next concert in the Horn Pond Summer Concert Series will take place on Friday, August 10, from 6-8pm.  The featured band will be the Pan Loco Steel Band, a calypso band based out of Boston.  

Darkness to Light Community Leadership Meeting

On Wednesday, August 22, there will be a community leadership meeting for the Darkness to Light initiative being launched by the North Suburban YMCA. The meeting is from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. at Woburn City Hall. Please see the invite postcard for more details. 

Volunteer Opportunity of the Week!

Fruit Tree

Thanks to your support, Woburn has received a free orchard courtesy of Edy’s Fruit Bars! 

Come join in the festivities as we celebrate this new addition to Spence Farm and plant the fruit trees at this groundbreaking party on Friday, August 3, starting at 9 a.m.

If you are planning on coming to help, please join the "Edy's Fruit Tree Grant Planting Party" Facebook Event page on the Friends of Spence Farm Facebook page or by sending an email to Vince Grillo at vingrillo@verizon.net

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