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Boston R.O.C.K. IT!!! Launch into Summer

SCI AmeriCorps Members Rick Miles of SCI Woburn and Cathy Jenkins of SCI Dorchester met Mayor Thomas M. Menino as he hosted the youth of the city of Boston during the kick off of their February school vacation week at the “Boston R.O.C.K. IT!!! Launch into Summer” at Dorchester’s Strand Theatre yesterday February 17th from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Community Tickets Still Available

SCI Woburn has teamed up the Woburn Repertory Community Theater to offer some community tickets to those people in the Woburn Community who would not normally be able to afford a ticket for this event.   Tickets are available both for the performance on Friday the 20th at 8:00 pm and for the performance on Saturday the 21st also at 8:00 pm. If you are interested in having some tickets reserved for you contact Rick Miles at 781-925-5820 or at 

Thank You for Your Support of SCI

Thank you for supporting SCI by Shopping at Whole Foods on 5% Day. Your efforts helped SCI raise over $6,000 which allows SCI the chance to work towards our goal of continuing to connect citizens to strengthen communites.

National Volunteer Week

volunteer leaderDo you or somebody you know volunteer your time? Want to be recognized for your time as a volunteer? What better way to get recognized then during a week long national recognition event? National Volunteer Work is just that, a week long national recognition event that is taking place on April 19th to April 25th this year. SCI is looking for your input as a volunteer or as a volunteer manager on what you would like to see take place during this week long recognition event.

Whole Foods Shopping Day

whole foodsSave the Date!  Once again Whole Foods Market in Woburn, located at 400 Cambridge Road, is donating 5% of their sales from one day of shopping to help support Social Capital Inc.  This year the event is taking place on Saturday January 17th from 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m..  SCI AmeriCorps Service members will have a table of information at the store if you are looking for information on SCI and their mission and programs this Saturday, January 10th, as

Giving Tree

christmas treeThe North Suburban YMCA located at 137 Lexington Street, in partnership with Social Capital Inc. and AmeriCorps, is once again playing host to a giving tree.  If you or anybody you know is in need of some help this holiday season stop by the YMCA to let the SCI members there know and to pick up some more information. You can also stop by the YMCA to pick up a item off of the tree and find out what to do with your special pick. The tags on the tree will have the persons name, their age, and what they would like to get for the holidays. What you as a giver will do is pick a tag off of the tree and buy the item that is on the tag or something close to it and bring it back to the YMCA so we can wrap it for the recipient.  The tags on the tree will either be in the shape of a book for the gift of a book, the shape of a teddy bear for an animal gift or in the shape of a sock or other shape of a piece of clothing for a article of clothing. 

Helping To Build A Stronger Community!

Woburn AmericorpsGreetings and salutations, friends, family, citizens and neighbors!  A new generation of AmeriCorps volunteers has arrived in the Woburn community and we thought we'd take this opportunity to introduce them to the people we'll be connecting and interacting  with.  We have four  members serving  throughout the community this year in a number of different roles.  Scott Riley, a Woburn native, will be serving as an Outreach and Technology Coordinator at SCI's main office in Woburn as well as the Woburn Council of Social Concern.

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