The Leaders for An Equitable Tomorrow (LET) program, consisting of 10 eager and bright high school students, 5 from Woburn and 5 from Winchester are working on a future project surrounding youth mental health and social justice, all while learning about these topics and educating themselves.

They have interviewed community members to perform a needs assessment on the specific needs we would like to address in these communities.

The summer program has concluded as school has started its new year, however several of the program members plan to continue to go to monthly meetings to work on next year’s project. They have been working on this since the beginning of July 8th, 2021 and plan on continuing the program until June 2022!

You may be wondering why these students are working on this project and that’s because they believe that racism is affecting the youth’s mental health and want to help! The interconnection of youth mental health and racism is what they have seen and understand. What the students came up with for a problem statement was “Racism and a lack of diversity in communities can lead to negative self-image, isolation, and a sense of inferiority in youth.” The project will hopefully make this problem statement lessen!

Program participants will also be doing future projects of their own through Social Capital Inc. (SCI) and the Network for Social Justice (NFSJ).