Pickleball Season Pass

Friday, June 11, 2021 - 9:00am

The Pickleball Courts at Library Park are currently open for use.
We will have open play down at the
Courts on the following times:

Monday 9am – Dusk               Tuesday 9am – Dusk
Wednesday 9am – Dusk         Thursday 9am – Dusk
Friday 9am – Dusk                  Saturday 9am – Dusk
Sunday 9am – Dusk
The Fee for Woburn Residents is a suggested $25 donation per season! Non-Woburn Residents will be $25 fee per season.

You will need to stop by the Recreation Office (1st Floor in City Hall) to pick up your pass.

Members with a pass are able to make reservations for a court


PlayTime Scheduler is NOT a court reservation system. This site is an invitation and scheduling system only. It allows players to notify other players of a scheduled play session, or to invite specific individuals to play. 

Creating a session on PlayTime does not give you claim to courts. Court reservations should be made directly through the venue or through the system used by the town or venue.

The site is not officially linked to any town, park, venue, or club, and therefore has no weight or authority. When arriving with your group you MUST FOLLOW ALL THE USUAL RULES for that venue regarding player rotation and court sharing. Posting on PlayTime does not equate to a reservation and does not give your group special priority in any way.


Additional Forms and Files:


For more info click here. 


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