Impact Woburn

In the past year SCI Woburn, in collaboration with several community partners, through a Healthy Communities Grant has developed an assessment of needs and assets, surveyed the community, ran focus groups and held public meetings to find out where the needs of the community are.

The responses were varied, with a majority responding for the need of more arts and cultural opportunities in the community. Other responses centered on arts and cultural opportunities for youth, more community gathering sites and better community awareness of these opportunities.

With much work we developed a goal that we feel encompasses these many ideas:

"Through collaboration and promotion, increase community awareness while creating more opportunities for community gatherings with an emphasis on arts and culture."

This goal includes:

• Increase community awareness of arts and cultural opportunities through promotion and branding.

• Develop a collaboration of organizations and residents which will increase and enhance a variety of arts and cultural opportunities within the community.

• Increase participation of youth in arts and culture

• Outreach to community involving hosting events:

- Identify and expand venues for arts and culture ex. coffee house
- Identify and utilize green space, businesses, and community organizations willing to host events

We have put together a proposal and applied for a grant to fund the proposal. We will learn of the funding in the next few weeks.

The organizations, businesses and residents who have signed on to be part of this exciting new program: Boys & Girls Club of Woburn; YMCA of Greater Boston North Suburban Family Branch; WREN; United Methodist Church of Woburn; Woburn Recreation Dept; Woburn Guild of Artists; Woburn Public Library; YMCA International Learning Center; The Bistro Au Bon Pain; David Eggleton; Shane Marie Barry; and Melissa Greer.

More organizations, businesses and residents who would like to get involved are welcomed. If you would like to learn more please contact David Crowley or call 781-935-2244.


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