As a person of Asian origin with a foreign-sounding name, I of course get the usual, "so where are you from?" And a bit of the surprised look when I open my mouth and speak with a perfect American accent. But that's the benign stuff. We know the online world is fraught with all kinds of characters, but my posts (Twitter, Facebook) have often been met with "go back to where you came from"...presumably on the basis of my name and complexion.

We celebrate Spring Festival through our whole country. It’s the most important festival, especially for the children. When I’m a little one, I always looked for the holiday. There were so many kinds of snacks for us. On December 30(Lunar Calendar), my whole family, the big family had a feast together every year. We never missed fish and dumplings which mean the good luck(nian nian you yu, tian zhi jiaozi).

I was born in a small county. There are 1,500 people in my town, people know each other very well. The house is similar to the condo here.