I grew up in Ahmedabad, in the west part of India. It is a large town. I lived with my parents and my family and two elder brothers. I played outside with my friends.

I miss my school days and teachers. After school I came home. My mom prepared delicious food for me and my brothers, and then I played outside with friends - jump rope, hide and seek, and bike riding. I really miss my childhood. My mom was making delicious food. My friends came to my home, and they ate my mom’s food. They also miss my mom’s food.

Written by Namrata P, YMCA ILC Level 3 Class

When I was a child, I loved playing with dolls, my favorite time was playing in the garage of my house in Brazil. I liked to cut my clothes and make clothes for my dolls.

My house is different here than it was in Brazil. I lived with my mother, in the city of Belo Horizonte MG. My mom and dad were divorced, and my dad soon remarried. I grew up in the presence of my mother and my sisters, my father lived a long way from my home, I didn't see him much. Today my father is not alive, and so much time has passed and I still miss him.

I am from Brazil, I have two sisters and my mother. I have a future wife, and two dogs names Chico and Estopa, I love them. My country is very beautiful, with a tropical climate and beautiful beaches, rivers and lakes. In Brazil, we have in the month of June, festa juninas, festivals of popular saints or mid-summer celebrations. These are periods centered on the summer and winter solstices and, more specifically, on the northern European celebrations that take place between June 19 and June 25. The exact dates vary between different cultures.