I'm married and I have two daughters. I’m from Aleppo, Syria. I came to the United States in 2017. When I first came, I went to Florida to visit Disney World. Then, my daughters went to school and I started working at a school cafeteria. After a while, I started to learn English. One of my hobbies is cooking Syrian food and I have a lot of recipes. During my free time I meet my friends and we have a good time together. I also like the summer because I like the sun compared to the winter which I’m not that happy or energetic.

When I first came from India to the US in 1996, I landed in LA. I came with my husband and older son when he was 1 years old. I lived over there for two months in a hotel. LA was very different compared to my country. Then I moved to Ohio. I lived for 8 months in an apartment in Findlay. I missed my family in India because we were kind of alone. I moved two more times and then ended up in Massachusetts. Then in 1999, my second son was born. My husband was a software engineer and created a company to call my family from India to the US. A lot of family here so I’m happier.

I came to the U.S. in 1998 with my two daughters. I landed in New York on November 1st. This was my first time seeing such a big city, airport and bridge. It was very hard for me because I didn't know the language. I saw snow for the first time I felt too cold and I was thinking about how people drive. I learn new things every day.

My home country is India. I have five brothers. I have grown up in a large town in a different city. I have three daughters. I have an extended family and my niece lives in California. The rest of my family is in India.