I am Tao. I am from China. I want to show you a kind of Chinese food—dumplings. They are very popular in China. Almost every Chinese person has eaten them. They have two parts: dumpling wrapper and stuffing. The stuffing has some different kinds. You can make the stuffings you like. You can boil them and eat with vinegar. I like the traditional Chinese food, because that means that you are together with your family.

Written by Tao, YMCA ILC Level 2 Class

I am from Haiti in a large town’s name Gonaives, department Artibonite. My native language is Creole but I speak French too. I grew up in my family with my father, mother, two sisters and my one brother. My grandparents' house is thirty minutes from my parent’s house and every last day of year all my family reunites for waiting the new year’s day.

In Haiti, I have a wonderful family where I grew up in a small town. I have two sisters and a half-brother. My dad was married to a lady, but she died with her first daughter, leaving him the boy. God bless my dad with 3 daughters, as did with his new wife (my mom). I have extended family near me, especially my mom’s family. I grew up without my half-brother because he was sick so he quitted to the best hospital, and he still lives.