“To Render Dwelling-houses more Comfortable” - Sunday, May 22, at the Rumford Musuem in Woburn

Sunday, May 22, 2016 - 1:00pm
Rumford Birthplace Museum, 90 Elm St, Woburn

 At the end of Elm St in North Woburn, in the Baldwin Historic District, stands a red farmhouse built in 1714. On March 26, 1753, this modest home became the birthplace of one of Woburn’s most famous citizens, Benjamin Thompson, later Count Rumford: soldier, statesman, inventor, and scientist.

One of Sir Benjamin Thompson’s most popular inventions was the Rumford Fireplace. The poorly designed fireplaces of the time wasted heat and produced dense clouds of smoke.

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, as part of Freedom’s Way’s Hidden Treasures 2016, the Rumford Historical Association will present “To Render Dwelling-houses more Comfortable” at the Rumford Birthplace Museum on 90 Elm St, from 1pm-4pm. This program will focus on his modifications which led to improved fuel efficiency and a cleaner environment in the late 18thc. The program will also follow the developments of the house from its original four rooms to its present-day configuration. This event is free and open to the public, with free, on-street parking. For further information, call 781-933-4976, or email countrumford@butter.toast.net

From nature hikes and museum open houses to urban walking tours and art events, Freedom’s Way Hidden Treasures 2016 offers a diversity of activities that highlight the many cultural, historical and natural treasures of our region. This year’s website, www.discoverhiddentreasures.org, is a great resource to plan your regional adventure from the more than 100 activities and free public programs featuring one or more “hidden treasures” in the 45 towns and cities participating in the nine-day regional celebration, Saturday, May 14th through Sunday, May 22nd.

Freedom's Way connects the people, places and communities of the Heritage Area through preservation, conservation and educational initiatives to protect and promote our shared resources and to encourage residents and visitors to explore our landscape, history and culture. The Freedom’s Way Heritage Association works in partnership with the National Park Service to support the Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
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