The McTeggarts, Traditionally a Success!

The McTeggartsThursday, June 30 - It was beautiful night for a concert at Horn Pond, it was breezy and Ice House Park filled right up with people excited to see a concert.  The McTeggarts, a crowd favorite, played traditional Irish music for two solid hours, without stopping to take a break for the second year in a row.  Attendees ranged in age from 2 weeks old to 90-something!  Many attendees enjoyed picnic dinners and snacks, while those that forgot to pack their own, stood in line at the ice cream truck for pizza slices or ice cream.  This concert was coordinated by Social Capital Inc. along with the North Suburban YMCA and WREN (Woburn Residents’ Environmental Network) and sponsored by by Sean Coakley and Atlantic Power Cleaning Corporation.

We hope to see you at the next Summer Concert, this Friday, July 8!  Click here for the full concert schedule.

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