Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 9:00am

Medeiros Crew Recycling will be holding its last appliance, Freon, CRT and electronics recycling drive until September on Saturday, June 18th from 9 to 1 at the Spence Farm property located at 41 Wyman Street in Woburn.

This is an excellent opportunity to recycle these items at a minimal cost, while supporting WREN. This collection offers a significant cost savings compared to the high cost associated with curbside appliance recycling programs. In Woburn, the cost for curbside pick-up of many of these items has increased once again in 2016.

The drop-off recycling drives at Spence Farm are open to residents and businesses from all communities, not just Woburn.

With your support, these collections have raised over $157,000 for local non-profit organizations, as well as donations to the Woburn Memorial High School Scholarship Fund. So clean out those basements, attics, garages and warehouses and bring your items to the next drive on June 18th!

The June 18th collection will benefit the WREN (Woburn Residents Environmental Network) to help defray the cost of their programs and activities. Boy Scout Troop 519 will also be collecting returnable bottles and cans at this drive.

New this year, we will be accepting donations of all types and sizes of gently used ice skates. These skates will be sharpened and saved for use by the public at a Winter Festival planned in 2017 as part of Woburn’s 375th anniversary celebration. There is no charge to drop off ice skates.
Price Comparison Chart
Item                      Medeiros Crew Drop-off Price       Woburn Curbside Pick-Up Price Televisions up to 27” $20.00                                      $35.00
Televisions over 27” $25.00                                       $35.00
Computer monitors $15.00                                        $35.00
Laptops, tablets and kindles $10.00                            $35.00
Refrigerators and freezers $10.00                               $25.00
Air conditioners $10.00                                             $25.00
Dehumidifiers $10.00                                                $25.00
Stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher $10.00                      $25.00
Water heater $10.00                                                  $25.00

For the small fee of only $1.00 each, we accept computers, printers, scanners, calculators, typewriters, fax/copy machines, telephones, stereo equipment, video and audio equipment, microwave ovens, garbage disposals, telephones, cameras and most consumer electronics.

Additionally, for a voluntary donation, we will accept plugs, wires, drives, video games, DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes.

Cell phones will also be accepted and donated to “Cell Phones for Soldiers”.

This will be the last recycling drive until September, at which time we will temporarily be located at a new, to be announced location, due to construction of the new Hurld/Wyman School commencing in July. Please watch for more details in August.

Should you have any questions, please contact Paul or Lori Medeiros at (781) 938-0297 or at paulderman@verizon.net. Chaussures Homme J.M. Weston