embRACE/Woburn Welcomes Holiday Meal Train 2020

A new project coordinated by embRACE & Woburn Welcomes: 

In an effort to spread holiday (and general) cheer during the craziness that has been 2020, WMHS embRACE is partnering with the community group Woburn Welcomes to offer a fun, COVID-19 safe way to connect people through recipes and food.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this Google Form, which will collect names, physical addresses (no P.O. Boxes, please!), cell phone numbers, family size, allergies and dietary restrictions, and likes/preferences between Monday, November 30 and Sunday, December 13

On Monday, December 14, all participants will be emailed a copy of the spreadsheet that lists the information we have collected. The first person on the list cooks a meal for the person listed underneath them, that person cooks a meal for the person underneath them, and so on. The very last name on the list circles back up to the top and cooks a meal for the first name listed. Participants have from Monday, December 14 to Friday, January 1, 2021 (at their convenience) to prepare and deliver their cooked meal to the person listed beneath them on the spreadsheet. 

Participants can make holiday-themed meals, ethnic/cultural dishes, or simple dinners. Participants must be willing to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions of the family listed beneath them on the spreadsheet, but should not feel obligated to prepare a dish including the likes/preferences column if they do not want to do so (these are just ideas from a family in case a chef is “stuck” on what to make!) Participants are encouraged to communicate with the person that they are cooking for in terms of coordinating a drop-off evening and time, however, a surprise meal on your doorstep has never harmed anyone, right?! :)

Once you have cooked and delivered your meal, please go back to the spreadsheet to acknowledge that you have done your part. Drop-offs should be done on porches, front steps, in front of apartment doors, etc. so that there is NO CONTACT between the chef and the recipient. 

The embRACE/Woburn Welcomes Holiday Meal Train 2020 is open to any and all residents of the city. Woburn Welcomes can offer occasional volunteers for pick-up and drop-off of a meal, should homebound, elderly, or disabled Woburnites, or families without a vehicle want to participate. :)

Happy Holidays, everyone and let's share some food! ---WMHS embRACE and Woburn Welcomes