LET October Workshop

LET October Workshop Flier

Over the summer Social Capital Inc. (SCI) and the Network for Social Justice (NFSJ) launched the Leaders for an Equitable Tomorrow (LET) program! The program consisted of 10 eager and bright high school students from both Woburn and Winchester. The students worked on a project surrounding youth mental health and social justice. They interviewed members of both communities to perform a needs assessment on the specific needs they would like to address in the communities.


 Many of the students will be continuing this important work by attending the monthly LET workshops during the school year! Each meeting will consist of a 1 hour presentation and 1 hour spent working on a project of their choice that ties into the theme of youth mental health and social justice.


 The first workshop will be held on Sunday, October 24th with a presentation on mental health from Dayna Altman! Dayna Altman is an energetic and dynamic entrepreneur, author and creator. The full force and sole operator of Bake it Till You Make it LLC, Dayna harvests her passion for mental health advocacy by using food and baking to create an authentic recipe for vulnerable storytelling. A dual graduate of Northeastern University and an active Boston community member, Dayna has experience both working in the mental health field and with youth based non-profits. Currently, Dayna works at a national education non-profit, and in all other hours of the day she pursues public speaking, writing cookbooks, documentary filmmaking and exploring new ways to change the world using her own story. Living with depression and OCD as well as being in recovery from an eating disorder and sexual assault, Dayna Altman truly lives her message.